This section brings together the people who make up the Team Lecompte CFI team. They are all project bearers and enthusiastic to help you realize your projects or your dreams.


I am Alain Lecompte, I am a passionate person, who enjoys life, challenges and helps others. I designed this site for this purpose. My project is to buy a house where I will receive all my friends and have a good time. Let us help you realize your projects or your dreams.

Alain Lecompte, CFI project bearer.                             

Véronique Vincent, porteuse de projet Team Lecompte CFIVéronique Vincent, CFI project bearer.

I introduce myself Véronique Vincent, specialist in canine behavior and passionate by the canine world since always! My project is a center for older, abandoned dogs, where they could receive care, comfort, and full of love! I decided to join Team Lecompte CFI to realize my dream.

Joanne Vaillancourt, CFI project bearer.

Hello ! my name is Joanne Vaillancourt, birth attendant and massage therapist. Following two trips to Guadeloupe, while I'm felt I love with, I 'm building a complex of ressourcement including massages, yoga and meditation. Happy to be part of Team Lecompte CFI in the realization of my dream.

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